Bourses pour Rhode Island et Woods Hole

Par Viviane Thivent le jeu 18/12/14 - 16:50

Voici deux offres de bourse pour journalistes émanant de centres de recherche américains. 

A one-week science immersion workshop for journalists

Where ? Metcalf Institute for marine & environmental reporting, University of Rhode Island, USA.

When ? From June 7 to June 12, 2015

Each year, ten journalists are selected as Metcalf Fellows from a highly competitive pool of applicants. Using Narragansett Bay – the world’s most-studied estuary – as a model ecosystem, Fellows learn for one week how to interpret scientific data and sharpen their investigative reporting skills. Up to two of these fellowships are available to non-U.S. citizens.

The workshop is designed for early to mid-career journalists from all media with a strong interest in improving and expanding their coverage of environmental topics and a desire to gain a better understanding of scientific research through field and lab work.

The Workshop fellowship includes tuition, room, board, ground transportation, and travel support of up to US$500 paid after the completion of travel.

More information at :

Application deadline : February 6, 2015


Two kinds of 10-days hands-on research course for journalists

- Biomedical Hands-On Research Course for science/health journalists

- Environmental Hands-On Research Course for environmental journalists

Where ? Marine Biological Laboratory, Woods Hole, USA

When ? From May 27 to June 5, 2015

The Logan Science Journalism Program at the MBL, founded in 1986, offers professional science journalists, writers, editors, and broadcast journalists a chance to forget about story deadlines and immerse themselves in the process of basic biomedical and environmental research.

Room, board, lab fees, and U.S. travel are covered for accepted fellows. Non-US citizens will receive partial reimbursement for travel and will be partly responsible for fellowship taxes for foreign nationals.

More information at :

Application deadline : March 2, 2015

Bourses pour Rhode Island et Woods Hole
Lundi 2 Mars 2015 (Jour entier)